Gary P. Simmons aims to stop bullying

Stop Bullying: Empower Your Child NOW

Be your child’s ‘coach’ and help stop bullying

Does your child come home from school scared, anxious or withdrawn… and it seems all you can do is watch on feeling HELPLESS? Well, it is possible to stop bullying.

Hi, my name is Gary Simmons and I’ve been helping boys, girls, men and women stop bullying for twenty five years.

I’m amazed that the issues of bullying, harassment and the subsequent low self esteem are still going on in this day and age.

At my Martial Arts training center, barely a week goes by when I don’t get approached by a parent who has concerns about their pre teen or teen experiencing bullying and harassment, despite schools providing anti bully programs and education, as well as having bullying policies in place.

It seems in real terms, the only thing on offer is politically correct and generic advice.

The problem with this approach is that when kid’s feel scared or harassed, they need access to some practical strategies and techniques which they can use immediately.

As a parent, you would be sharply aware that kids are vulnerable to certain personality types and if they become a target, it can cause a lot of anguish for them and for the whole family.

The feedback that I get from parents trying to manage these kinds of issues, is that their kids don’t have enough faith in their authority figures to stop the hidden behaviour that goes on, while backs are turned.

This can cause the child to internalize what’s happening, put on a brave front and fall in a heap when they arrive home, or worse, say nothing and become withdrawn, not knowing how to speak of how they’re being affected.

Parents are then left to pick up the pieces and often feel angry, frustrated and just as helpless as their child.

Knowing how to stop bullying doesn’t just ‘happen’. Some kids need more guidance than others. The best person to help your child learn what to do and find the courage to implement the skills needed to stop bullying is you, their parent.

To that end I want to share my experience so YOU are able to coach your child with some real and tangible skills.

To help you get started, I’ve created a FREE ‘Be Safe In Your Space’ lesson, so you can learn exactly what to do to confidently and competently coach and mentor your child if they suddenly find themselves face to face with unprovoked bullying or harassment.

These are skills for now and can be utilized throughout your child’s life.

You can download my practical non-violent self defense guide here and begin to immediately support your child with my 4 basic steps.

I’ll show you:

  • How to STAND to help your child look confident and to make it harder for a bully to knock them over
  • Where your child should LOOK so they don’t appear intimidated, despite what they may feel on the inside
  • How to BREATHE so they don’t freeze or panic
  • How and when to speak so they sound confident and in CONTROL

This lesson will help YOU coach your child so that TOGETHER you find a solution and stop bullying.

Let’s work together and STOP these bullies in their tracks… NON VIOLENTLY! I have some more tips to help you stop bullying on the Be Safe In Your Space FaceBook page.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Edmund Burke

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